Appeal for donations for a new mosque from Dr. Musharraf Hussain

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Appeal for donations for a new Masjid from Dr. Musharraf Hussain

Dear all,

Assalam o alaikum.

I pray you are in the best of health and imaan. I am helping a Muslim community in Wollaton (Nottingham) to establish a new Masjid. We have bought a building for £200,000. However we only have till January 5th 2011 to pay this sum and the time scale is short. I am humbly asking you to support this wonderful project.

Please visit Muslim Cultural Centre Wollaton:

You can donate through:

Online Donation: (Your online donation is 100% secure using 256-bit SSL technology)

or Telephone: If you would like to donate by speaking to someone, please telephone us (Amjad Shah: 07870 985715 / Sajad Hussain 07970134593 / Zia Khan 07855 550676) and we will be pleased to process the donation over the phone.

or Post: Post your cheque (payable to Muslim Cultural Centre Wollaton) or postal order to : MCCW, 17 Brendon Road, Nottingham, NG8 1HW.

MCUK is the payment gateway for Muslim Cultural Centre Wollaton and MCUK will appear on your credit/debit card statement (

Why should I donate to my local mosque?

You can imagine the significance of spending in Allah’s cause by the following verse: “The likeness of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is as the likeness of a grain which grows seven ears, in every ear a hundred grains. Allah increases manifold to whom He wills.” (Al-Baqarah: 261)

Whenever you are spending in the way of Allah, you should be generous or else you are depriving yourselves of the benefits. In this regard, Allah the Almighty says in surat Muhammad, 38: “Beware! You are called to spend in the way of Allah, yet some among you hoard. But he who hoards does so for himself: Allah is above need, and it is you who are the needy. If you turn away, then Allah will bring other people in your place who will not be like you.”

We should spend our money, time, effort, energy, and knowledge in the way of Allah so that it will give us happiness and we’ll be rewarded. There is a great sense of joy and satisfaction when we do something by ourselves to share with others physically, mentally, morally, and financially. Spending in the way of Allah is a trade, a bargain and a business with Allah. It sounds strange, doesn’t it? And you may ask how can one make a trade with Allah. Read this Qur’anic verse: “Those who read the Book of Allah, establish regular prayer, and spend in the way of Allah secretly and openly out of what we have provided for them. They hope for a commerce that will never fail.” (Fatir: 29)

Please forward to all your contacts.

Dr Musharraf Hussain OBE (Chief Imam and CEO Karimia Institute)


37 Responses to “Appeal for donations for a new mosque from Dr. Musharraf Hussain”

  1. amareeen Says:

    Nice , BUT, dont you think family and friends are all abit fake, when families dont bother helping and involving the YOUTH, the same youth that you talk about dr, the same youth which have been spat at and physically pushed, and put aside by middle aged men,which of whom are married, with double extensions, drive fast new cars, and couldnt give a stuff about theyouth in Nottingham, only their own children and their own financial gains. I live to to see what presents they give their children at christmas, cos us unemployed havent got a thing

  2. Amin khan Says:

    Muslim voice in nottingham is being silenced, the leaders in the karimia are taking public money and spending on their own home and cars. The only thing else they can’t take from Nottingham Muslims is their faith. Bullies

  3. the truth Says:

    ha, you lot cant stop you old ways, money on the brain is all you got

  4. nano ideo Says:

    the women in the muslim community are going to run this place ?

  5. boboermill centre Says:

    money is all that make these lot go around, how many government funds will be used on this, another 70 k a year ?? well done, you managed to rob us all again

  6. mutaz Says:

    its common knowledge in nottingham , the people behind this ust got £ 300 , 000 funding from the government, and they’ve been collecting of the public for the last month.
    most of the mosque are run down, and not even have proper cleaning facility, i mean what happened to hygiene in the name of religion.
    and the muslim leaders have just bought new cars last week, congratulations for upgrading you sports cars, but the mosque is still falling to pieces.
    bet this get deleted aswell, speak the truth and not get heard,

    • M israr Khan Says:

      > By the grace of Allah (S.W.T.) we are going to Construct a
      > mosque in Laspur Valley [ Chitral ] Pakistan. And for that
      > we need funds. So, if you are interested to contribute,
      > kindly put your best effort in this project.
      > JazakAllah khair so much.
      > Donate: Bank Al Falah Limited
      > Title : Muhammad Israr Khan
      > Accout No : 0142-02000516 Branch Chitral Pakistan .
      > ——————–^^^^^^^^—————————
      > e-mail :
      > >
      > > Mohammad Israr Khan
      > > M:0344-9633733
      > > F:
      > > E: m_israr_2k4@yahoo/

  7. M.Kashif Hussain Says:

    Noor-e-Mustafa Masjid
    This Masjid dom is same design Masjid-e-Nabvi, and please donation for masjid and make a home in haven.

  8. an-noor mosjid complex Says:

    An-noor mosjid is under construction in Dhaka Bangladesh
    Total Floor: 6 Storied
    Total Floor Area: 30,000 sft
    Total construction Cost: 5,00,000$

  9. Zuair ahmad Says:

    aljameatul Islamea qasemul uloom karanigong,Dhaka,Bangladesh
    (mosjid,orphanage & qawmi madrasha)
    Total Land Area: one accor
    Total floor: 07 Storied
    Total floor Area:70,500 sqft
    Total construction Cost: 4,50,00,000 $

  10. sohail khan Says:

    dear muslim friends my name is sohail i ask to rich muslim person that give us donation for masjid under construction in kanju township swat pakistan
    name : sohail khan
    village : kanju
    town: township swat kpk pakistan
    cell phone 0092 333 9495582

  11. hassan Says:

    before you donate see first the the masjid and cuntract until the masjid alrdy build.becase some muslim trybs are lie but allah swt knows that

  12. rasladin Says:

    ASSALALAM please brothers and sisiter in islam help to renovate the masjid of BOrongan city Eastern Samar Phil.. one province 24 municipality only one masjid baset borongan city you will see …this is true and ALLAH knws

  13. Mohammad Manir Uzzaman Khan Says:


    I am Mohammad Manir Uzzaman Khan from Bangladesh. I have a dream to build a Mosque in my Village. Our village don’t have a Big Mosque. But I don’t have enough money for that purpose. I have my land to build that but not the other expenses. I like to request all of to help in this purpose.


    Skype: mmu.khan

  14. Ibrahim Ali Mondal Says:

    > To,

    Dr Musharraf Hussain

    > Subject: Planting Trees in Bangladesh for Global Warming
    > Dear Sir
    > Assalam-O-Alaikum!
    > I am an Environmentalist from Bangladesh, Working for Climant Change
    > Through Trees Plantation.I want to be Part of both local and Global
    > Movementsthat are Leading the way in Restoration Ecologe and Carbon
    > Sequestration using Permculture Understandings and Applicatinos and
    > the Hand-on Sharing of Stewardship Ethics with the next Generation of
    > Caretakers of our Children.I would like to to Join me today by
    > Supporting my work in Planting Trees for Life by Contributing my
    > Project in Bangladesh.
    > I am asking People around the Globe to take Responsibility for their
    > Lifestyles through the Planting of the Trees that were used in the
    > Construction of their Homes or Businesses, or to offset the Carbon>
    > Imprint of the miles they drive, or Plant Trees and or groves to
    > honour People they care about.
    > When there are Trees for Children there is Clean air to breath and Water to
    > Drink, a more Stable Climate, and a Landscape that is Vibrant, Nourishing
    > and Beautiful. in North America, there are just Three-Percent of old Growth
    > Forests left for the Future Generations to Live and Flourish amongst. this
    > has Caused great Instability in the Global Climate both Environmentally and
    > Socially which affects us all.
    > My Intention is to Plant one Million Fruit Tree. in that Case,
    > BangladeshIs a Country where this short of Plantation is Feasible.
    > FuritTrees are also Economically Viable for Country like Bangladesh
    > where People are Living below under Poverty line. these
    > Trees will also give thme a hope for Earning.
    > I need Funding for my ambitious Project, where as Very few Founding
    > Opportunity lies in Bangladesh. I am asking to you might have some
    > Opportunity for me to Manage some Funding to Implement this noble
    > Intention and help the World to Survive from Global Warming.
    > I have already Contacted started Mango Fruit Bearing Tree Plantation
    > in Dhaka City deferent areas/Places this Initiatives will make
    > balance in Environment as well as Provade Enormous good quality
    > Fruits, Bangladesh Railway, they have agreed to Provide me with Land
    > along with their Railroad Side. The Length of the total land is
    > approximately 75 Kilomtre where I can Plant a Major Part of my
    > Project.
    > I have Estimated that to Plant Each Tree,unit cost will be U S $ 10.
    > in that case I would like to ask you to Share your Contribution to
    > Mango Tree Platation Project for a Sustaionable Develoment of not only
    > Bangladesh but also for the whole World
    > Tree Plantation in one of the most suitable route of Social & Environment
    > Development Systems.
    > AfterPlantation Mango Fruit Tree we will take care during two Years .
    > Need from you 10(ten) Trees Planting cost
    > 10×10=100 usd only
    > Thanks And Best Regards
    > Ibrahim Ali Mondal
    > Director
    > Social & Environment Development Systems
    > House # 02, Road# 10, Sector# 13, Uttara, Dhaka-1230,
    > Bangladesh, Mobile:+88 01928772719
    > E-mail:
    > Send Fund to
    > Ibrahim Ali Mondal
    > Account No.1171019533
    > Uttara Br.
    > Dutch Bangla Bank
    > Dhaka,Bangladesh
    > Social & Environment Development Systems

    • Mohammad Manir Uzzaman Khan Says:

      Moja nen!!!!!


      Manirkhan Sent from Windows Phone ________________________________

  15. Md. Saud Hasan Says:

    Asalamualaykum, i am reside in Bangladesh, and its a little village i born. Here we all constitue a new mosque but we still cant constitue a place where we are pray for Eid day. That is we call Eidgah maydan. We have a place so long but we still cant decorated it for due of money and my village people mostly capable for bearing such expense. So please can you help me how to i get help from you? Please reply at my Email, if it possible.
    Zajak Allah..

  16. S.I.M Nasim Says:


    I am Sahidul islam Mohammad Nasim from Bangladesh. I have a dream to build a Mosque in my Village. Our village don’t have a Big Mosque. But we start work a masjid building.We spend near 15,00,000 Taka till date.But our foundation is three stored.Our villager’s give donation for this work.Poor villager’s no more give for this.Now all the people pray to Allah for make this masjid.Insallah, Allah will help us. Please sir can you help us for this purpose?We wish for it from your Donner fund.

  17. sajid Says:

    I am Sajid from Pakistan. I have a Mosque in my Area. Our Area don’t have a Big Mosque. But we start work a masjid building.We spend near 15,00,000 Taka till date.But our foundation is three stored.Our villager’s give donation for this work.Poor Students no more give for this.Now all the people pray to Allah for make this masjid.Insallah, Allah will help us. Please sir can you help us for this purpose?We wish for it from your Donner fund. My Mosque Website Please See Seriously I request a poor people Help Us .

  18. ali ahmed Says:

    Conversation started today
    Ahmed Ali Subhani
    Ahmed Ali Subhani
    Ahmed Ali Subhani
    Assalam O Aliekum,
    Dear Sir, Please Support This Appeal Argent For Required Students Foods
    Introduction of
    “And help one another in good (acts) and piety”. (Surah at Maidah, 5:2)
    +92-21-34592548, +92-333-3245068, +92-333-3245069
    (A Center for Religious Studies)
    Separate Setup for Male & Female Students
    Dar-ul-Uloom Hanfia is a genuline religious institute serving in the cause of Islam since 1965. The students who are poor, destitute and orphans are getting education here. The institute is responsible to meet all the expenses of their food, clothing, lodging and boarding, books to study, pocket money and so on. Besides, the institute has different sections for female students of religious studies. These are:Dars-e-Nizami Section, Tarjama & Tafseer of Quran Section, Hifz-ul-Quran Section and Qaidah & Tajweed Section. Also, for females who are not the formal students of the institute the special classes of Dars-e-Quran, Dars-e-Hadees, Tarjama & Tafseer of Quran and Mandatory Fiqh Issues have been set up. These classes are taught by the expert female religious teachers (Aalimaat). The students learning in different sections of the institute are categorized under the titles of Aamma, Khassa, Aaliya and Aalmiya And, Aamma, Khassa, Aaliya and Aalmiya are sequentially equivalent to Matriculation, F.A, B.A. and M.A. (Islamiat/Arabic). Moreover, the students also appear in the examinations up to Master’s level and also the examinations of Adeeb, Aalim and Fazil held by Board of Secondary Education Karachi.

    Darul Uloom Hanfia (Trust) – Darul Uloom Hanfia (Trust)
    We have intended to build a mosque under the management of Dar-ul-Uloom Hanfia Institute. We are in need of a piece of land for this purpose.

  19. Malik Says:

    >Donation Appeal For Mosque
    > By the Grace of Allah (S.W.T.) we are Construct a
    > Mosque in G-13/3 ISLAMABAD Pakistan. And for that
    > we need funds. So, if you are interested to contribute,
    > kindly put your best Effort in this project.
    > .We request all Muslims to co-operate in the best possible way and pray for the fulfillment of hopes of Ahl-e-Sunnah. May Allah accept our humble efforts and sincere services.
    JazakAllah khair
    > Donate: Allied Bank Limited (ABL)
    G-13/1 Branch Islamabad
    > Account Title :Jamia Masjid Anwar-e-Madina
    > Account No :: 0010008876660011
    > ——————–^^^^^^^^—————————
    > E-mail :
    >FaceBook Page ::
    > >
    > > Hafiz Fateh Khan Chishti
    > > Cell No::0092-301-2986786
    > > Cell No::0092-347-5346786
    > > -:Postal Address:-
    Plot no=3,Street no=4, Bazar no=5, G-13/3 ISLAMABAD,PAKISTAN

  20. Naeem Says:

    The Board of Jamia Masjid Unit No. 5, Latifabad, Hyderabad, Pakistan wants to purchase plot next to the Mosque and urgently need 21 Lakh Pak Rupees (Pak Rs. 2,100,000/-) the people requested to donate as they can donate during the month of Holy Ramzan. Please. for further details and picturs please visit on the below mentioned seb addresses.

  21. Hazrath Ma Fatima (RA) Mosque and Madrasah Says:

    AOA all

    We need help – Donate in the name of Hazrath Ma Fatima (RA) Mosque and Madrasah

  22. Mohammad Golam Kibria Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am from Bangladesh. I am making a MASJID in my village. Here all people are very poor but religious and they try to perform the SALAT , 5 time every day. I need some donation to complete the MASJID.
    Please help me to get some donation.
    Or, suggest me how can I get some donation from any organization or personally.
    I need some guideline about this.

    Allah Hafez.


  23. M H Khan Rana Says:

    Dear Sir,


    Mosques are the center of any Muslim community where people can congregate for their five prayer and Friday congregation sermons. Islam emphasizes the importance of education and also teaching and learning are the the fundamentals of our community Mosque programme. I am from Bangladesh. Our villages don’t have a Big Mosque. But we start work a masjid building. We spend near US Dollar- 8975 (700050 Taka) till date. But our foundation is three stored. Our villager’s give for this work. Poor villager’s no more give for this. But they are Religious and try to perform the SALAT. Now all the people pray to Allah for make this madjid. Insallah, Allah will help us. Please sir can you help us for this purpose. We wish for it from your Donner fund.

    Send Fund to-
    Account No: 6401202280785001
    Account Name: Khan Livestock Valley

    Best Regards:

  24. Sher Zaman Says:

    Assalamoalaikum ! with God bless i hope that you will be fine so my request is that we are going to build a new masjid for our muslim community but can not afford this so please help & support us that our community could perform their prayer easily ok
    your truly
    sher zaman
    village pirpiai mohallah baba khel
    Teh & distt Nowshera

  25. Mohammed Zahidul Islam. Says:

    Dear Sir,
    Assalamu alaikum.
    I’m Mohammed Zahidul Islam,Chittagong, Bangladesh.It is my desire to build a mosque in my native village. My native village location: Upazila:Mirsarai, Dist: Chittagong.But our fund are not sufficient. So we want to seek help from you. Please try to help us for Mosque construction.

  26. Mohammed Zahidul Islam. Says:

    Eagerly waiting to receive positive response.

  27. Tauquir Ahmad Says:

    Asslam walekum,Brother and sister’s we have a mosque in our street cum town but The mosque is not constructed properly and roof only for 2 rows so we want to tamir e masjid e jinnati we have area of approx 4000 sq. Ft but the mosque is built on only approx 1000 sq ft we want to construct the mosque big and wide but here the community has less no. Of muslim and mostly are poor they dont have that much to contribute. so we want your help plz help more n more.
    Address:Jinnati Masjid,karam Ali ka purwa Civil lines,Faizabad uttar pradesh ,India
    Contact details:
    Mo. No. +918090305603
    U can send us ur help in the a/c no.
    Bank name :punjab national bank,faizabad
    Civil line branch

  28. M.W. Says:

    Our mosque is need somthing for Its meenar is needing construction and place of wazo etc need donation

  29. Muhammad R Tawsif Says:


    Jalalabad Jam-e Masjid of Islamic Foundation of New Jersey was established 37 years ago to uphold, preserve, and propagate ISLAM and foster a greater and better understanding between Muslims and people of other religious faiths.

    With your support we can accomplish the expansion project and serve the purpose of the Masjid.

    JazakAllahuKhair and may Allah (swt) accept your generosity.

    Please see attached pledge card and you may donate directly via Paypal at the following link:

    Islamic Foundation of New Jersey
    Masjid Jalalabad
    61 Van Houten St
    Paterson, NJ 07505

    Our mailing address is:
    Islamic Foundation of New Jersey | Masjid Jalalabad
    61 Van Houten Street, Paterson, NJ, United States
    Paterson, NJ 07505

  30. Syed Ashraf Says:

    Dear Brothers & Sisters,
    Kindly required your help, for purchasing land for Masjid in Bangalore, India.

    In our area we have Masjid-E- Aqsa of 600Sqft, Next to this Masjid, there is a land of 1200Sqtf which cost of Rupees 12 Lakhs, if we buy this land Masjid it can extend the Masjid from 600Sqft to 1800Sqft, our Muslim committee had arranged 5 lakhs, but this month we required balance amount of 7 Lakhs Rupees for Registration of land. we are trying our best.

    Kindly I Request you to Help as much as possible for Masjid

    This land is in Nelamangala Village, Bangalore District, Karnataka State, India

    Pls Help… Keep remember in Dua for the Masjid Land …

    You can Contact us on :-
    Contact Number :- 09379091875/09036362861
    Location :- Masjid-E-Aqsa, Nelamangala, Bangalore, India Pin code:-562123


    dosto mera naam Sharik Ansari hai.main bhiwani haryana main job karnay aya hoon. yahan ek masjid hai bhiwani main MC coloney main, masjid ki zameen to bhaut hai magar paisay ki kami ke chakkar main sirf ek kamra bana hua hai, yahan muslim aabadi bhi nahi hai, majid main madarsa chalta hai yahan 50 bacchay hongay masjid main jo hafza kar rahay hain. aap logo say guzarish hai ki masjid ke liye donation ka intezam kara dain to aap logo ki bhaut bhaut meharbani hogi.

    Mohd Sharik Ansari
    C/No.8059455690 (haryana)

  32. Tofayal Nazir Says:

    Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
    How are you ? I am Tofayal Ahmed 30 years old from Bangladesh now job in Jeddah Last 8 years . I am coming a poor muslim family .I watching what is life poor families . Alhamdulillah right now I am doing job in Saudi Arabia my life is good and I can give food my family I want give thinks to Allah and Saudi Arabia .
    But when I am good so right now I thinking about lots of poor people especially Orphan boys and gills . Bangladesh have lot of Orphan boys and gills there no have staying place and not get food . when I see that’s I think I am still not good position because of I am human there are also human our same Allah created us. So I need do something for them but I am alone how mach can do for them ? for reason of i think make Orphanage and Masjid with Madrasa. 20/25 Orphan boys staying and study in this Masjid . so I need your help I need 4 million BangladeshIi money (SR 200000) for make this plan . if you are want help us any kind of amount money please sand this account .
    Tofayal Ahmed
    account number ; 24545
    islami bank bangladesh ltd
    comilla branch
    Saudi Arabia account number
    NCB 18693735000105
    International account number (IBAN)
    SA26 1000 0018693735000105
    kind of information

  33. Abdul Rakeeb Says:


    By the grace of Allah we are going to Construct a mosque in BINA [ MP ] India. And for that we need funds. So, if you are interested to contribute, kindly put your best effort in this project.

    JazakAllah khair so much.

    Donate: Sate bank of India, Bina
    Title : Abdul Rakeeb Mansoori
    Accout No : 31505837615 Branch Bina distt. Sagar [MP] India.

    e-mail :

  34. Yussif Osman Says:

    we are appealing for funds to built our mosque which is at the Verge of collapsing. please

  35. Usama Mujahid Says:

    Dear muslim friends my name is Usama i ask to rich muslim person that give us donation for masjid under construction in Punjab city name jaranwala pakistan
    name : Usama Mujahid
    village : Jaranwala
    town: jaranwala punjab pakistan
    cell phone 0092 3063333202

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